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Bump wiremock-jre8 from 2.32.0 to 2.35.1

Bumps wiremock-jre8 from 2.32.0 to 2.35.1.

Release notes

Sourced from wiremock-jre8's releases.

2.35.1 - Security Release

🔒 This is a security release that addresses the following issues

NOTE: WireMock Studio, a proprietary distribution discontinued in 2022, is also affected by those issues and also affected by CVE-2023-39967 - Overall CVSS Score 8.6 - “Controlled and full-read SSRF through URL parameter when testing a request, webhooks and proxy mode”. The fixes will not be provided. The vendor recommends migrating to WireMock Cloud which is available as SaaS and private beta for on-premises deployments

Credits: @​W0rty, @​numacanedo, @​Mahoney, @​tomakehurst, @​oleg-nenashev



  • Add a negative contains matcher - thanks Damian Orzepowski
  • Expose a Java API method for removing stubs by ID - thanks Patryk Fraczek
  • Document the import API in the OpenAPI doc - thanks to user i-whammy
  • Added the ability to restrict the addresses WireMock can proxy/record to, as a security measure.


  • Strip Maven directories from the standalone JAR as some were appearing that weren't related to dependencies actually present, confusing scanning tools - thanks to user krageon
  • Dropped back to slf4j 1.7.36 and relocate it in the standalone JAR (ensuring 2.x users won't experience conflicts).


This will be the final 2.x.x release and also the last to support Java 8.


  • Fixed #1689 - incorrect HTTP version header - thanks to user Poojitha
  • Fixed #1882 - bug preventing matching of date/time query params/headers with custom format - thanks Klaas Dellschaft
  • #1930 - Fixed a partial path traversal vulnerability in the file source code - thanks Jonathan Leitschuh
  • Fixed #1783 - proxyUrlPrefixToRemove ignored when using a response definition transformer - thanks to user Ross-H-Projects
  • Fixed #1872 - create a request entity for POST, PUT etc. proxied requests when a content-length header is present, regardless of whether the size is 0.
  • Fixed #1946 - maths helper now supports epoch dates as inputs.


  • Added a public, non-static getScenarios() method allowing access to all scenarios.

All dependencies brought up to date including Jetty to 9.4.48.v20220622.


WireMock 2.33.1 was accidentally released using Java 11 rather than 8, resulting in class incompatibilities in places.

This release is functionally identical but built using Java 8.



... (truncated)

  • 8706343 Bumped patch version
  • 20adc25 Stop NetworkAddressRules doing DNS lookups
  • aa29d9c Make NetworkAddressRulesAdheringDnsResolver testable
  • 90a37e1 Applied DNS resolver enforcement to webhooks extension
  • d9fd0b4 Moved enforcement of network address rules to Apache client DNS resolver to a...
  • eac439f Prevent webhook calling forbidden endpoints
  • 9ba86d6 Rename poorly named method
  • ef5b722 spotless apply
  • 5412ed1 Fixed some formatting in NetworkAddressRulesTest
  • 295ad5c Added some extra NetworkAddressRules test cases
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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